On psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind, and possibly things beyond that. You observe the actions of one, and decoding them, ascertain the character of the one undertaking those actions. There is yet another method possible at another level, that of arriving at a decision on the character of a person by simply being in the presence of the person. The sum total of all the thoughts thought by that person form the aura of the person. A person in tune with the power of nature, one having the innocence and child-like qualities of a baby can immediately identify who is who from the aura experienced when in the presence of that individual. This however cannot be accomplished by minds twisted and perverted by cogitating and meditating on evil thoughts – thoughts of greed, selfishness and malice.

Psychologists aim to study the character of the individual through a system of results arrived at through empiric observation, and gathering of data from various sources. As with all such efforts, there is bound to be a limit to the knowledge that can be accumulated or inferred by such endeavor. As the infinite cannot be comprehended by any finite number of finite efforts, the study of psychology at the deepest and the ultimate level cannot be accomplished unless the psychologist advances in spirituality. However this is not to suggest that the process of gaining knowledge by gathering disparate data from an assortment of sources and using one’s brain to deduce patterns therein is utterly useless. It certainly can take one to a certain level of proficiency in observing and analyzing persons. However, there must never be any doubt that that process is but a child’s effort at grasping what is much more fundamental than what such effort would seem to imply.

Understand yourself, O great fool, and then you will necessarily understand all. When the distinction between the observer and the observed becomes unclear, one would understand the futility of looking outside for answers.

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