Prayer to the mind

Fix yourself on the Immortal, O Mind,
Meditate on the Stainless One
Ceasing thus to wander in the gardens of the world,
Immerse yourself in the Beautiful One.

Many a lifetime have you wandered,
Many a chance have you squandered,
Given yet another chance to do right,
Drink the Bliss of Ecstasy tonight.

Drown yourself in the Universal Spirit,
Lose yourself in nectarean thoughts.
Hooking yourself onto the Soul
Soar to heights unknown to you.

What has travel gained you?
What gain is there in the Unreal?
Fix yourself, O Mind, on the One Real,
And go to depths unknown to you.

The Call

Flit past the mighty sands of time, did I
And like in a voyager navigating the fearsome tides,
Who transcends fears by which the world abides,
My heart overflowed its cup of joy.

Flowing with the dunes, I went on to reach
The rarefied place where the Spirits teach.
Like a thunderous cloud on a rainy day was I,
Seemingly spent and yet eager to fly.

And in Their merry company, became I
Like the mighty eagle in majestic flight
Which puissantly flying in regal delight
Conquers the Kingdom of the sky.

Unbeknownst to me, I rapidly grew
With revolutionary ideas seeping through,
I reached a plane – timeless, yet new,
One that is known to but a few.


Walking under the starry sky,
I beheld
A thousand fireflies shedding light.
In ecstasy, I stood and saw,
fireflies dancing, in the night.

Enveloped by the soothing darkness,
I looked up at the twinkling stars.
And expected was their presence.
But greeted thus by my new friends,
in ecstasy, I stood and saw,
fireflies dancing, in the night.

Piercing through the revealing darkness,
I basked in the light of the moon.
And expected was its presence.
But marvelling at another spectacle,
in ecstasy, I stood and saw,
fireflies dancing, in the night.

The gentle breeze rustling leaves,
the birds singing me to sleep,
the gentle moon exuding warmth,
the stars twinkling in the deep,
I saw lights flittering beside me.
Ecstatic, I sat and beheld,
Fireflies dancing through the night.


I see a dream.
Living as in a trance.
Inspired, the obstacles vanish.
Inspired, I reach the stars.

Life, curves to manoeuvre.
Thorns, rocks to deflect.
And then I think of you.
The thorns unfang.
The rocks become mileposts.
Inspired, I blast through.

Catcalls, shouts, remarks.
World at its natural best.
I turn to take notice.
And then I realize.
I miss you.
I rise above the noise.
Deaf to everyone.
Inspired, I march through.

I think of you.
Dedicated to your happiness.
I live as in a trance.
Unmindful of the world’s brickbats.
I rise above all others.
I think of you.
And inspired, I blaze through.

the way

the hand that prods you
Written is the destiny of this Creation
by the same hand;
So go on my friend.

the stage that envelops you
Played out is the entire cosmic play
on the same stage;
So go on my friend.

the water that wets you
Inundated is this entire manifestation
by that same water;
So go on my friend.

the spark that burns within you
Permeated is everything
by that same spark;
So go on my friend. 🙂

Freedom from fear

Lost in the winding paths
He wandered around
The guiding moonlight had
provided constant direction.

O Where was that cool gaze now?
The moon devoured by the clouds;
In the utter darkness- fear
seized him by his neck.

Pray, the ascetic did.
O Lord! Thou art everything
In everything; beyond everything

O Supreme ascetic! You are the Creator;
Creation, and the Created;
With a mind enveloped in fear
I pray,
Create in me a freedom from fear!

O Omniscient One! You are Knowledge;
You are what is to be known; the Knower indeed are you.
Without knowledge, and deluded by ignorance
I pray,
Enlighten me with freedom from fear!

O Ancient One! You are the Sun;
The stars, and the moon are you.
Directionless, and without a guiding light
I pray,
Spark in me a freedom from fear!

O Eternal One! You are the Destroyer;
The Terrible One indeed are you,
O Slayer of Demons, I see your garland of skulls.
Distraught by the sprouting seed of cowardice
I pray,
Destroy from within me the ghost of fear!

The night had passed,
Awakened by the rays of the morning sun
The young ascetic, calm in his mind, saw
He had indeed been guided to his destination.

The Way

I walk along.

The destination is ahead
Sun brightly on the face
The hand guides me
I walk along.

Burning the ashes
Melting the rocks
Stumbling along
I rise and,
I walk along.

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