Geography facts

Just thought I’d put some interesting trivia related to geography.

Water, water everywhere…

Largest ocean?       Pacific Ocean
Largest Sea?            Mediterranean Sea
Largest Lake?         Caspian Sea (Asia)
2nd largest lake?    Lake Superior (North America)
Largest water fall? Angel Falls (Venezuela)

Population facts:

Here are the most populous cities of the world-
1. Tokyo – Japan
2. New York City – USA
3. Sao Paulo – Brazil
4. Seoul – South Korea
5. Mexico City – Mexico
(from (2005 figures) )

Surprising facts:

1. Around 90% of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. About two-thirds of Africa is in the Northern Hemisphere.
3. Cape of Good Hope was earlier called Cape of Storms.

As always you can get many interesting facts on the net.

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