Swami Sivananda – Glory of Ramanama

The Name of Sri Rama is sweeter than the sweetest objects. It is the haven of peace. It is the very life of pure souls. It is the purifier of all purifying agencies. It quenches the consuming fire of worldly desires. It awakens the knowledge of God which is dormant in our hearts. It bathes the aspirant in the ocean of divine bliss. Glory to Sri Rama and His Name.

Blessed is the pious soul who drinks uninterrupted the nectar of Sri Rama’s Name, which has been churned out of the ocean of the Vedas, which removes the impurities of Kali Yuga or the iron age, which lives constantly on the tongue of Lord Siva, which is a sovereign remedy or unfailing specific to cure the disease of worldly existence and is life itself to mother Janaki.

Tulsidas says, “Name is even superior to the Lord because the Aguna and Saguna aspects are tasted and realised by the power of Name. Rama delivered from the curse a single lady, Ahalya, whereas His Name has purified crores of wicked men! Rama gave salvation to two of his faithful servants, Jatayu and Sabari, but the Name has been the saviour of countless wicked persons.”

He further says, “The two sweet fascinating letters RA and MA are like the two eyes of the alphabet and the very life-breath of the devotees. They are easy to remember and delightful to all. They are beneficial in this world and sustain us in the other world.” He tells the Sadhaka thus: “Put this jewel—Light of Rama-Nama at the gate of your door—the tongue, if you want to illuminate yourself, both inside and outside. All the world knows that by uttering the Name even in the opposite way, as ‘Mara, Mara’ instead of Rama, Rama’, the great saint Valmiki became Brahman Himself.” When such is the glory of the repetition of the Lord’s Name in the opposite way, then what to speak of the utterance of the right and proper Name!

The means by which Sri Rama can be reached is to take His Name and to remain saturated in it. Always remain drunk, imbibing the Lord’s sweet Name. Let no ideas of purity or impurity enter your mind. There is no unholy object in this world. Should there be any, it becomes the holiest of the holy by contact with the Lord’s Name. Illusion, notwithstanding all her efforts, fails to get hold of him who remains deeply absorbed in the Lord’s Name and love. Glory to Lord Rama! Adorations to Sri Rama! Prostrations to Sri Rama!

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