The science of devotional service to God

The mind is always engaged in thinking of material things due to association with matter. The process of thinking and willing has to be purified. When the mind is polluted, one performs activities that are not very beneficial to spiritual life. By engaging in devoti0nal service to God, the mind is gradually purified. All the effects of all sinful actions are completely eradicated simply by devotional service.

When one comes to the stage of true knowledge, one realizes the foolishness and madness of ignorance. Arising to the platform of true existence, doubts vanish, and one becomes established in firm knowledge.

Intelligence should be purified, and with one’s intelligence, one can control one’s mind. One’s intelligence gets firmly established when one engages in the habit of hearing regularly about the activities of God from the scriptures. By engaging in various activities of devotional service such as chanting, hearing, worshiping etc, the intelligence becomes firmly established. The material nature is very difficult to overcome, but for one who is devoted to God, it is very easy to overcome. Material world and its associated miseries are very easily overcome for a devotee of God – the Supreme Lord Himself favors the sincere and persistent devotee with knowledge which cuts to pieces the delusion born of ignorance.

One acting with steady faith in God, and with great determination always endeavoring for self-realization, is sure to attain to the supreme goal. At whatever station of life one finds oneself in, if one simply acts according to the instructions of the Supreme Lord, as revealed by spiritual masters, one is sure to progress steadily towards the supreme goal.

The scriptures mention the qualities of one endeavoring for self-realization. One should try to become established in patience, perseverance, determination, tolerance of happiness and distress, not concerning oneself with social honor or dishonor, faith in God, cultivation of knowledge, self-control and simplicity. It is almost impossible to overcome the power of material nature, but with devotional service it is very easily overcome.

Great sacrifices that when done lead one to progress towards the spiritual kingdom include chanting the names of God, and hearing or reading regularly about God and His qualities and activities from realized souls. By making a habit of engaging in such devotional activities, one will assuredly progress towards self-realization.


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