Knowledge and devotional service

Knowledge is that which establishes the supremacy of God – all other so-called knowledge is simply useless information. Knowledge is that which leads one towards God, and which establishes one in devotional service to God. One endeavoring for self-realization can adopt various paths – working without a desire for fruitive results, or practicing control of the senses and the mind, but one must necessarily come finally to devotional service to God to attain the highest perfection. The highest perfection lies in surrendering to the will of God, and carrying out His will in all circumstances.

The Supreme Lord is the proprietor of everything. The living entities are eternally the servants of God. When one is established in this consciousness, he is said to be in knowledge. The Supreme Lord grants the living entities independence to act as they desire, and the living entities being attracted by the external material nature, desire to lord it over material nature, and become more and more entangled in it, and hence, suffer greatly in the material world. When one instead uses his independence wisely and strives for self-realization, one progresses gradually out of the clutches of material nature, and into the spiritual kingdom.

Wisdom means to act according to the desire of God, and foolishness means to act whimsically for one’s own sense gratification. One who does not perform austerity or practice any regulations cannot progress in self-realization. One must, with determination, strive for self-realization, and with the causeless mercy of God and the spiritual master, one can attain it.

One who strives sincerely for self-realization is never doomed – even a little progress on the path of self-realization is always hugely beneficial. Progress on the spiritual path in never lost. If one makes a little progress, and then stops at some point due to worldly-mindedness, the progress that he has made is never lost. Later, he can start from where he left off, and determinedly make further progress. Hence, one must always strive to engage in self-realization. There is no other duty for a living entity other than engaging in self-realization, and one who with determination engages in this, is certainly extremely fortunate and would certainly attain success.


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