Leading a God-conscious life

God-consciousness is the highest aim of life. One should strive to meditate upon the Supreme Lord, the one by whose will all the manifestation in front of us is created, at all times. One who is completely dependent upon the Supreme Lord for help is assuredly to find help in all circumstances. God is all-merciful and ever the well-wisher of all living entities. When one arises to the stage of actual existence by performing devotional service to God, one puts an end to all foolishness and madness, and enters into the spiritual kingdom.

One should always proceed gradually. Extremes should be avoided in general. One should not try to be too hasty. One should not have too many desires. One should try to be self-controlled. One should try to hear about God and His activities from the scriptures and from spiritual masters. The more one hears about God, the more one’s attraction for Him grows. At the height of devotional service, the devotee perfectly surrendered to the will of the Supreme Lord leads an eternal blissful life full of knowledge in the spiritual kingdom.

Devotional service to God is extremely effective, and is an extremely simple path. With steady faith in God, knowledge arises within the heart cutting all doubts born of ignorance to pieces. Devotional service can be accomplished by engaging in various activities for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord – chanting the names of God, hearing about the activities of God from the scriptures, going to the temple to perform worship of God in His form as the Deity, eating food that has been sanctified by offering to God, giving in charity to those who are engaged in the service of God, talking about the glories of God, and meditating upon God in one’s heart.

One should know in all circumstances of the inconceivable potency of God. The Supreme Lord is omnipotent and omniscient. The Supreme Lord is the only proprieter of all that there is, and is the ultimate well-wisher of all living entities.

May the blessings of God be upon all. May all progress towards self-realization. May all proceed to the spiritual kingdom. May the light of knowledge arise in the hearts of all.




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