On the impermanence of human life

At every stage we must always remember that death is the only reality for us. In as much as we have taken birth, we are sure to die one day. Hence, it does not befit us to be afraid to be afraid of death, or to falsely consider that this body or the bodily relations are going to continue to exist for perpetuity. To the atheists – the ones who deny the existence of God, and instead consider the body to be all in all, God is Death Personified. Such persons also meet with God – in the form of death.

We frequently commit the mistake of being carried away by material relationships, and as we invariably find, material relationships are not everlasting. A relationship based on selfishness and other qualities characteristic of material nature can not be spiritual in nature.

We frequently study the scriptures – like the Christians studying on the love of God following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, or the Hindus studying the Srimad Bhagavatam wherein are described the pastimes of God, and mistakenly get carried away by feelings of sentimentalism. Spirituality and realization of the Absolute Truth is not for the sentimentalist. It is for the man of knowledge, and the one, who in knowledge, seeing things as they are, worships God in devotion. When so-called religion degenerates into simply sentimentalism, it is a death-knell to all auspicious qualities.

Hence, it is stressed by spiritual leaders that one must progress gradually in stages on the spiritual path. Nothing is ever gained by imitation of others. A highly advanced spiritualist may behave in a certain way, but if a common man tries to foolishly imitate him, he is sure to fail in his endeavor.

The aspirant fit to be given spiritual knowledge is one who is firm in conviction, peaceful, compassionate and of firm faith. And again, it is highly dangerous to make a show of possessing these qualities when one does not. Artificially imitating the qualities possessed by a spiritualist is dangerous, and should not be done. It is much better to progress gradually in stages than to try to artificially pose as someone that one isn’t.


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