Arise, O dear brothers!

Arise, O dear brothers! Arise, O dear sons of Bharatmata! Arise, O lions among men! Arise, O noblest of souls!

Arise, dear brothers, and work towards the liberation of the entire world! Arise, O dear brothers, and work for the ultimate ideal! Let us place an ideal before us – let us work without fear, let us work with complete faith, with complete belief in God, let us work for the greatest benefit for our dear brothers and sisters. Let us work in the name of God, sacrificing all our actions to Him, sacrificing all the results of our actions to Him.

In our complete faith in God, our dear protector manifests in reality.

Let us become like the lion majestically wandering in the fearsome jungle in the middle of the night.

In complete faith, let us become free, and in our freedom, let us work towards the highest welfare of all the beings of the entire universe.
May God guide us, and give us light.


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