Krishna consciousness – the medicine to cure our material disease

Within the material world, everyone is suffering. One may realize it, or not realize it, but that would not change the fact. We are living in such a degraded age, and our minds have become so dull by sinful activities, that we cannot even realize this simple fact. The material world is described in the scriptures as having the two qualities of misery and impermanence. The four problems of birth, death, old age and disease remain even after great modern material advancement. So, our first duty in this human form of life is to enquire into the cause of this suffering – why am I suffering? why am I being subjected to death even though I do not want death?

The scriptural injunction is – now that you have got this human form of life, go out and enquire. Seek a spiritual master, and enquire from him about the soul. If we simply lead our lives like animals and fill our lives with only the actions of eating, sleeping, mating and defending, then there will be no difference between the cats and dogs on the street and human beings. It is said that four things are common to both humans and animals – eating, sleeping, sex life and defense. What then is the thing that distinguishes this human form of life from the other lower forms of life? In the human form of life, we have the intelligence to enquire into the absolute truth.

It is only when there is such an enquiry that actual human life can be said to have begun. Otherwise, we are simply living like cats and dogs. A cat or a dog will never enquire – why am I suffering? is there a way to end this suffering? That is because it is a cat or a dog, and cannot enquire into such subject matter. Similarly, a pig which is eating stool and living in filth will never realize the abominable condition of its life, even though we, who are observing the pig, can clearly see that. Similarly, we should realize that in this material world, we too are suffering, and must strive to find a permanent solution to it.

At every instance, we are being subjected to the cycles of pleasure and pain. This never-ending cycle goes on until we determinedly decide to put a stop to it. What we consider as happiness is actually not real happiness. As long as we are slaves to the base qualities of lust and greed, our minds cannot be peaceful, and we cannot be happy. So, the first duty is to control the mind. If the mind is not controlled, there cannot be any real happiness.

Lord Chaitanya has given a very sweet process for us – chant and sing Hare Krishna, eat nice foodstuffs offered to Krishna, and live peacefully. Just by doing this, we can progress in our spiritual understanding, and make a permanent solution to the problems of life.


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