The true meaning of love

What is the true meaning of love? How can it be expressed so that the mind can understand it? O dear brother, love is what remains when there remains as little of selfishness as possible, when there is as little of ourselves as possible. In love, the object of one’s love is all that exists, and one is oneself reduced to as little as one possibly can. Love is the unconditional love of a mother or father to the child. Immersed in the beauty of love, one loses external consciousness, and is enveloped in unselfishness.

Arising to the true platform of love when one’s heart becomes so tender and loving that nothing but love, compassion or bliss exists in it, one rises above having cut through a number of layers. O dear brother! Pray with tears in your eyes that love may arise in our hearts. Pray with tears that tears may actually flow flooding one’s face.

Continue to work sincerely, always aware of the grace and mercy of God, and true love will one day fill our hearts. Be strong in mind, and fearless. What is there to fear for a child of God? Forgetting our beloved Lord, we instead fill our minds and actions with selfish thoughts and hopes. Let us try not to do that. Let us be strong, fearless, sincere and cheerful. The beautiful goal of true love is ours, and have no worry, dear brother, certainly we will experience the true meaning of love.


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