God shall be realized

O seeker! Do not lose hope. The infinitely beautiful God shall be realized! Do not lose hope, O dear brother!

O Lord! Make Thy presence felt at all moments in my life! O Lord! Who but You can give hope to the hopeless! Who, but You, of infinite love, can mend the heart of one separated from You! Who but You can rescue this most fallen soul from the miseries of material existence!

O Lord! Invisible to these eyes of mine, You break my heart to pieces! I cry out to You, O Lord, just as a helpless child cries out to its mother. I know nothing but You, and yet I suffer forgetting You. Fully surrendered to You, I plead, O Lord, take control of me. You can make this servant of Yours dance as You like. Engage me in Your service, O Lord!

O seeker of the Truth! Worry not! Fear not! Despair not! Fill yourself with all virtuous qualities. Let your life itself be an offering to God.

That which is yours, O friend, is eternally yours. That which is not, was never yours. Misidentifying and falling into delusion, you have forgotten yourself, O brother.

May that Supreme Lord of all the universes bestow His mercy upon us so that we may progress towards Him.

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