Work in Krishna consciousness

Engage your senses in the service of God. Use your ears to hear topics about God – His activities, His name, His form, His qualities. With your tongue, chant the name of God, speak on topics related to God, and eat food offered to God. Meditation or devotional service is not inaction or idleness or some sort of mental gymnastics. Work – but work in Krishna consciousness, work for the sake of Krishna. Work on Krishna’s account – wish nothing for yourself, let everything you wish be for God. Always be in remembrance of Krishna. The holy name of Krishna is non-different from Krishna Himself. Hence, when you chant Hare Krishna or any of the holy names of Krishna, you are directly in Krishna’s presence.

When you remember Krishna in all activities, at all times, your whole consciousness will become purified.

Pray that Krishna bestows His causeless mercy upon us so that we may remember Him, and go back home, back to Godhead.


2 Responses to Work in Krishna consciousness

  1. crazykrithi says:

    true and awesome post

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