Awaken, O dear child of God

Awaken, O dear child of God. Time is passing. Awaken, O child, and do good. Be good. One who does good is never overcome by evil. Thus, always strive to do good. Have no hatred or anger in your heart. Purify your heart – fill it with love and compassion for all. Be compassionate and kind towards all living entities. Wish in your heart the very best for all. There is no compulsion on you to physically do anything, but certainly be compassionate in your heart. Time passes without your knowing. Why do you think so much about yourself? Why do you have such fantastic and delusional desires for name, fame, recognition, control and power? No, dear child, do not have such thoughts in your heart. Realize God. Through your striving, since you are good at heart, others will also realize God. Do not desire too much. Always maintain a sense of balance. Do not rush towards extremes.

Pray sincerely to God. Read about the stories of God. O how beautiful are the stories of Rama and Krishna. Read them. You will certainly be blessed. There is no doubt regarding this. Know that God is with you at all stages and under all circumstances. Worry not, dear child. You are the child of God. He, Who takes care of you, Who has taken care of you since beginningless time, and Who will always take care of you in the future, is taking care of all those around you. So, do not worry about others, O dear child. There is nothing to worry for a devotee of God.

Simply chant the glories of God, O child. Surely, you will be led to the correct path. Every living entity has to experience the reactions to actions conducted for millions of births. However, the devotee of God is not sad at his own fate, nor is he unwisely sympathetic seeing external suffering in others. He knows that whatever happens, happens according to the will of God. He prays to God, “O my dear Lord, please grant me this benediction – whatever condition of life I may be placed in my next birth – be it hellish or heavenly or anything else, and whatever else I may experience in this birth, may I always remember You. May I never forget You. May I always know that You are with me.” Thus, a devotee has no fear, since he always has God in his heart. The devotee is infinitely compassionate. He always prays that great love for God may arise in the hearts of all.

O great are the glories of one who has taken the name of God even once! So, rejoice, O child, since you are blessed. Be happy, not morose. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita – “the transcendentalist is ever cheerful at heart”.

May Narayana always be with you. Hare Krishna.


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