Fear is gone,
Gone forever,
Fear has been thrown away,
Never to return.

There is no fear for me now,
O only fearlessness do I know,
It is in fearlessness that I breathe,
In fearlessness that I live.

All fear is gone,
No traces left behind,
Greater fears may come,
But they too would be handled.

Whatever comes shall be dealt with,
The son of Devaki and Vasudev shall help,
How can any fear come near
to one who takes shelter in Him.

He, Krishna, the destroyer of fears, is real,
So, have no fear, O brother,
Take refuge in His holy name,
And you will be delivered from the greatest of fears.

Just chant His holy name,
Have immense faith in Him,
Assuredly He will protect you,
And assuredly He will guide you.

The friend of Arjuna,
The cousin of Uddhava,
The son of Devaki and Vasudev,
The son of Yashoda and Nanda,
The lifter of the Govardhan hill,
The killer of the demon Putana,
The killer of the evil Kamsa,
The friend of the Pandavas,
The protector of Draupadi,
The brother of Balarama,
The nephew of Kunti,
The lord of Bhishma,
The lord of Radha,
The friend of all,
The lord of all,
The avatara of Vishnu,
The brother of Durga,
The Supreme Lord of all.


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