Have no fear, my child. God is real – more Real than what you realize. Fear is irrational. God – the all-powerful, the all-knowing, the all-compassionate is as real as you or me. Hence, have no fear. Abandon all fear. Have no fear of the present or future or the past. Have no fear of this life or any life that follows.

You are taken care of. Everyone is taken care of.

The eternal all-courageous power is within you. Fear will not touch you when you realize God. Be like a lion, O great warrior. Not trembling at noises, in the dead of the night, roaming majestically in the fearsome jungle. Arise, O child, and abandon fear.

Sacrifice your actions, thoughts and all to God. Sacrifice your past, present and future to God. Work towards perfection, and towards love, and towards sincerity, and towards fearlessness. Love all. Serve all.


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