O Guru!

You take away my misery
You, the most loving,
You, of infinite love,
You, of infinite heart,
You, who rescue me,
You, my dearest Rama,
You, my dearest,
You, who speak to me,
You, who liberate me,
You, the most loving.

O dear friend, the teacher is within, and outside. The Teacher is the embodiment of the mother’s love, and the father’s love. Work, in whatever station of life you are – if you are a son, serve your parents; if you are a student, study; if you work, work well. Know that the grace of the Lord is ever with you. Have no fear. Sacrifice the results of all actions to God, and you will reach God. Have no fear or regret of past, present or future – work, pray in the knowledge that you shall realize God one day.


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