My Lord Rama

And there stood Rama,
Beautiful than all others,
The greatest warrior,
The one well-built,
The broad-shouldered one,
And with bow in hand,
Eyes in an other world,
The sky thundered,
The oceans quivered,
As He stood,
the mighty one,
the most beautiful,
the most loving,
the one dearest to Sita,
the one dearest to Bharat,
the one dearest to Lakshmana,
the one dearest to Dashratha,
the one dearest to Kaushalya,
the dearest self of Kaikeyi,
to whom Hanuman was dearest,
to whom everyone was dear,
the one most beautiful,
and the one most strong,
the one most courageous,
the supreme truth,
through Rama the universe was sanctified,
through Rama the gods were sanctified,
through Rama men and women were sanctified,
through Rama the plants and animals were sanctified,
the one without a second,
the lord of all,
the eternal, and most beautiful, Rama.

Say the name of Rama, my friend,
Dance in joy, rejoice in Rama,
Say the name of Rama, my friend,
And assuredly he will protect you,
He is the courage in you,
He is the strength in you,
He is knowledge in you,
He is the warrior in you,
Taking his name, you shall never fall,
No misery shall affect you.
Take the name of Mother Sita,
Take the name of Bhakta Hanuman.

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