Life is a celebration

Today is Deepavali. If we took the name of Lord Rama, let us rejoice in that fact itself. If however Deepavali went by, and we later realize that we had forgotten to remember Rama during Deepavali, regret not, my friend. Does Rama exist only on the day of Deepavali? Certainly not. Whenever we think of Rama, then he comes and plays along with us, and protects us. So, have no regret that ever forgot Rama – whenever you do remember Him, that very action compensates for all the times of non-remembrance.

Unselfishness is good to cultivate. Selfishness leads to suffering. Unselfishness might be harder to practice than selfishness, given that selfishness dominates many of our actions. However, if we try consciously, we can make unselfishness the basis of many of our actions. Assuredly, you would find great courage and strength and clarity through constant practice of unselfishness.

What did all the saints tell us – do good, and be good. Orient your life in that direction. Without doubt, you would find yourself to be an instrument of God, and His grace will shower upon you.

However, do not despair at any wrong actions that you happen to commit. Though we would wish often to lead our life doing good and being good, there would be times when that does not happen. So you happen to commit something that you would not consider good. Do not worry; do not regret. Strive always to improve; strive always to root out the selfishness in you. Strive so that the suffering caused by wrong action is converted to courage and strength.

Celebrate every moment. Life is indeed the greatest celebration. Rejoice so that your brother may rejoice. Rejoice because your brother rejoices. Rejoice, laugh, be good, have no fear – you would certainly progress.


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