Sincerity and unselfishness

And so, you happen to live in the world. How must one live in the world? What can one keep to guide oneself when living in the world?

Sincerity, my child. That is all you need. I saw the girl with sincerity written all over her being, and in her saw the sincerity of God. I saw the girl with perseverence and concentration written all over her being, and in that saw the face of God.

Unselfishness is what you need. Live not a moment mired in the cesspool of selfishness. Live for others. Unselfishness is the only virtue that should guide you as you live in the world. Take on pain, take on suffering. And with guarantee, you would find the Kingdom of God. Love thy neighbor, and live for thy neighbor, and you will find that God Himself is in all.

Abandon all fears, and all notions of guilt. So what if have done wrong in the past? So what if you are doing wrong in the present? So what if you do wrong in the future? Fear not, my dear sister, you will transcend life that you know to an eternal life. Strive to be unselfish. And yet, if you do act selfishly, and happen to do harm to others, do not despair. Strive, strive, strive until you find the hand of God on your head, until you find the arms of God lifting you and carrying you. At that time, you would be an instrument of God, and your actions would be a manifestation of God’s will. That stage may be far; that stage may be near. But what of that? Fear not, and continue to struggle ahead like a warrior. Despair not even at the greatest of miseries. It shall not only pass, but shall verily be transcended.

Fill yourself with strength, dear sister and brother. Inner strength will help you in the practice of unselfishness, and unselfishness would by itself build your inner strength. Fear not, fear not! Courage is the only refuge for the warrior.

Unselfishness without courage or strength is not good.

Fear not, my child. You are looked after. He, Who created the Universe; He, by Whose will the sun gives light, and moon gives coolness; He, Who has looked after you since beginless time, know that He is always looking after you.  

All that has happened, all that is happening, and all that shall happen  – fear not, regret not, despair not at any of these. Taking refuge in unselfishness, strength, courage and faith in God, know that you shall reach eternal life.


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