Real and unreal

O Lord! Seeing you in everything!
Seeing you everywhere.
I lose myself.
Not knowing whether I am awake, or asleep.
Not knowing whether I be dead or alive.
I feel and experience only You, O Great One.

What is there for me to do,
When the Universe is all that exists.
When what is real and unreal is not known.
O Lord! Make me an instrument of Thy mercy,
And annihilating me, act through me.

O Lord! Am I one with You?
Am I distinct? Do I know You?
Or do I not?
Ah the confusion and the reality.

I know nothing but You,
see and hear nothing but You,
Sacrificing everything at Your feet,
When life and death are transcended,
O Lord, you will be reached.

I ask of Thee, O Father of  the Universe,
Fill me with unselfishness.
May unselfishness fill every pore
May unselfishness guide every thought
Seeking refuge in unselfishness,
May I proceed to the Real.

O Lord! Forgetting You, I say
Fill all with knowledge.
Fill all with unselfishness.
Fill all with fearlessness.

O seeker! Strive always to proceed to knowledge, fearlessness, strength, unselfishness and an overpowering power of sacrifice, and a willingness to take on sufferings of the universe upon yourself. Do not sacrifice rationality at the altar of selfishness. May we struggle towards an intellect like that of Adi Shankara and a heart like that of the Buddha.

Work hard, and struggle hard. Sincerity is always rewarded.


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