On courage and strength

O deluded fool! why do you live life steeped in selfishness? Why do you live life with your mind and heart filled with your own limited self? Why do you live in the conception of life wherein you are the universe itself? Why are you so full of yourself that you have no awareness of the existence of others?

Cultivate unselfishness. Unselfishness is to take on suffering willingly so as to lessen the suffering of others or so as to increase the happiness of others, however small and temporary the lessening of suffering or increase in happiness may be. Throw aside all selfishness. Live life not for your own limited self, but for the Universe. Then, and only then, would you feel the current of destiny flowing through you, and you would verily become destiny’s child.

Have you ever thought for a moment or meditated for a moment on the suffering of your own brother or sister or mother or father or husband or wife or son or daughter? Have you ever experienced the suffering of any one in your heart? What has selfishness gained you but untold pain and suffering? Cast it aside in disgust. Fill your heart and mind with the suffering of your mother and father and brother and sister and husband and wife and son and daughter and neighbor.

What have you gained by making your heart as hard as stone? You say that you gained a self-assurance, a mental poise, and strength through that. I say that this self-assurance and mental poise and strength are but waiting to disappear. It is true that one whose heart is like a stone feels no pain, experiences no pangs of suffering. But then, he also experiences none of the human qualities of love and compassion. He becomes verily a stone – inert and dead. Therefore, resolve to cast off this stone-heartedness, and make your heart tender and loving. No salvation is possible for one who remains stone-hearted.

Cry, cry, cry – not one moment for yourself, but always for the ones around you. When you experience the suffering of the universe in your heart, how will tears not flow? how will your heart not cry out? Cry, because through these tears will arise purity. Through these tears will arise strength. Through these tears will arise fearlessness.

Enough of the so-called inner strength which is built upon the foundation of fear. Enough of the so-called inner strength which makes a man an island unto himself. Enough of the so-called inner strength which leads not to spiritual progress but to destruction.

Inner strength should be based on unselfishness. Inner strength should be based on courage. Inner strength should be based on an infinite tenderness of heart. Be like a mother to her child – in her complete surrender to the child, the mother is filled with infinite strength.

Throw out all thoughts of weakness. Remember always that weakness is the greatest sin. Fear is the greatest sin. Always meditate on your true infinite self. Know that you are the reservoir of all courage and fearlessness.

Hatred is a great enemy. Why do you hate another just because he does things differently from you? Why do you judge another and pronounce condemnations on him. Know for sure that hatred will lead you astray. For millions of years have you filled your heart with hatred that it has forgotten how to love.

Recall to mind the immense amount of work that needs to be done. Recall to your mind the suffering of all beings. Recall to your mind the great mercy and grace shown to you in all stations of your life. Recalling thus, abandon once and for all, all weakness and fear. Arise with strength, O great warrior! The time has come to awaken! Thou shalt not be found wanting!

Courage, unselfishness, immense faith,  indomitable spirit, willingness to suffer, unceasing work – cultivate each of these qualities.


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