Deletion in linked list in C++ : Linked List – 3

Question. We are given a singly linked list and a pointer to a node to be deleted. We wish to delete that node.


We could proceed as follows:


// the function deletes node pointed to by x from the linked list.

// returns true if deletion was successful; else, returns false.

bool deleteNode ( Node **head, Node *x)


if ( ! head )

// empty list

return false;


Node *curr = *head;

if ( x == *head)  //special case: delete first node


head = head -> next ;

delete curr;

return true;


while (curr != 0   &&   curr -> next != x)

curr = curr -> next;

if ( ! curr)

//node not found.

return false;

//deleting the node

curr -> next = x -> next;

delete x;

return true;



Note that we need to pass a pointer to the head pointer since the location the head pointer points to may change (in case of deletion of first node).



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