World news round up

The UN Security Council voted 12-2 in favor of increased sanctions against Iran. Turkey and Brazil, which had tried to broker a deal with Iran just a few days prior to this, opposed the sanctions, while Lebanon abstained.

The US-led war against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan is continuing. A report by the London School of Economics has claimed that support to the Taliban is “official policy” of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI. A major “game-changing” discovery has been that of huge untapped mineral reserves in Afghanistan.

The Gulf oil leak is causing great heartburn and anger in the US. US lawmakers grilled BP CEO, Mr. Tony Hayward on his company’s alleged neglect of safety issues that led to this catastrophe.

In Kyrgyzstan, violence in the southern city of Osh between the Uzbeks and Kyrgyz has caused great havoc and, according to the UN, has displaced 400,000 people. The violence is said to have been caused by relatives of the former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who was deposed in April, as a means to bring down the current interim government.


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