Conspiracy Country; Sceptic Society; Irrational Ideology

Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“The state of Pakistan occupies an area which was home to some of the earliest Neanderthal settlements, some of whose descendants can still be found hiding in caves in the mountains of North Pakistan. The only difference is, in the Stone Ages, these Neanderthals were armed with clubs and stones, and today they are armed with guns and bombs. Remarkably though, they remain as furry as they were millions of years ago.”  (from Nadeem F. Paracha’s profile of Pakistan from the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn.)

Among the major pastimes of this truly one-of-a-kind nation are a passion for brainwashing already dim-witted persons till they can proudly reach the level of absolute and unabashed cretins, equipping such remarkable young men with bombs, and sending them wherever they can be sent to. With the explosion of private news channels and free media in this (literally) “land of the pure”, the subnormal intelligence and stunted intellectual growth of some of its citizens, hitherto unknown to the outside world, has come to the fore as never before. The electronic media has proved itself to be the incontrovertible leader in producing astoundingly dumb conspiracy theories. It would seem to a sane observer than institutional paranoia and a stubborn refusal to use any mental faculty characterizes this peculiar society, as evidenced in certain excellent specimen like Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi. Thus, while the export of terrorism has continued unabated, Pakistan now also continually exports top-class humour through such enlightened individuals.

Here are some articles on conspiracy theories doing the rounds in Pakistani news channels.

A New York Times article – US is a top villain in Pakistan conspiracy talk.

A Reuters blog post on some of these theories – Pakistan’s conspiracy theories.

A post from The Lede blog of New York Times – A grand conspiracy theory from Pakistan.

Another post from The Lede blog –  Taliban blames Blackwater for Pakistan bombings.

An article from the Dawn newspaper-  The convenient curtain of myth

A BBC article on the subject –  Pakistan conspiracy theories stifle debate.


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