Pakistan newspaper watch

All these articles are from the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn.

Two very fine articles on the decadence of the Pakistani society by Nadeem F. Paracha- Black fell the day; The reactionary republic.

Manmohan Singh and his completion of one year in his 2nd term as PM, by Jawed Naqvi – Dr. Singh completes one more year in power. Any questions?

A hilarious article, on how the Indian army is causing global warming: Indians’ presence at Siachen causes rapid glacier melting.

A hilarious satire on Pakistani society, by Nadeem F. Paracha from the Dawn blog – We shall overrun. (The comments that follow are also worth reading.)

Two articles on the attack on the Ahmadiyya community, and religious intolerance in Pakistan, by Irfan Husain – Whose turn next?; Hate and horror in Lahore.

Really funny and thought-provoking by Nadeem Paracha – Holy SMS.

Another excellent article by Nadeem Paracha- Evergreen Logic.

Brilliant profile of Pakistan by NFP- Country profile: Pakistan.


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