Is India goofing up on Israel?

Common sense and pragmatism point to an enhanced strategic partnership that India must strive to develop with Israel. Though I am not entirely aware of the current state of affairs and the benefits that will be accrued to New Delhi, and the world as a whole, through such a partnership, going by the protests against Israel among the self-righteous elite in India and elsewhere (who in their delusional megalomania have arrogated to themselves the task of guarding what they term “human rights”), as also from those with a certified record of sponsoring terrorism, it is very possible that Israel is as much, if not more of, a victim of such propagandists as the aggressor that they have made it out to be. India, a victim of Nehru’s and the Congress’ appeasement policy, espoused (at least, publicly) an anti-Israel stand for 4 decades, and it wasn’t until 1992 that diplomatic ties were established between India and Israel.

Here is a paper by Dr. Subhash Kapila (August 2000), titled “India-Israel Relations: The Imperatives for Enhanced Strategic Cooperation”:

Here is a news article (2008) on Indo-Israel ties:

Some news articles on the current Middle East controversy, and the official stand taken by India:, .

The CPI(M) has been trenchant in its criticism of Israel. Given the “nationalistic” history of the Left parties (or should we call a spade a spade, and dispensing with hard-to-find euphemisms, term them anti-nationalists with a singularly enviable track record attesting to such unenviable credentials) this is probably all the more reason why India should befriend Israel. 🙂

An article on Indo-Israeli relations (2003):

A news item on Israel’s help to India during the Kargil war:

A survey (2009) shows the sympathy/admiration of the general Indian populace for Israel:,7340,L-3696887,00.html.


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