Sanskrit lesson – simple verbs 2

Some more simple verbs.

१. पा (to drink); e.g. मृग: पिबति। (The deer drinks.)

२. सृ (to go); e.g. बालक: सरति। (The boy goes.)

३. क्रीड् (to play); e.g. बाल: क्रीडति। (The little boy plays.)

४. खाद् (to eat); e.g. सिंह: खादति। (The lion eats.)

५. दृश् (to see); e.g. शिक्षक: पश्यति। (The teacher sees.)

६. गर्ज्् (to roar) e.g. मेघ: गर्जति। (The cloud emits a thundering sound.)

७. कृ (to do); e.g. छात्र: कार्यं करोति। (The student does work.)

८. कूर्द्‌ (to jump); e.g. वानर: कूर्दति। (The monkey jumps.)

९. द्रु (to run); e.g. अज: द्रवति। (The goat runs.)

That’s all for now.


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