I see a dream.
Living as in a trance.
Inspired, the obstacles vanish.
Inspired, I reach the stars.

Life, curves to manoeuvre.
Thorns, rocks to deflect.
And then I think of you.
The thorns unfang.
The rocks become mileposts.
Inspired, I blast through.

Catcalls, shouts, remarks.
World at its natural best.
I turn to take notice.
And then I realize.
I miss you.
I rise above the noise.
Deaf to everyone.
Inspired, I march through.

I think of you.
Dedicated to your happiness.
I live as in a trance.
Unmindful of the world’s brickbats.
I rise above all others.
I think of you.
And inspired, I blaze through.


2 Responses to Love

  1. wordwand says:

    a lovely love poem.well delivered.

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