Life is simple. Let it be that way. 🙂

Don’t be overly attached to anything.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

What is there to worry about? Nothing.

Buddha’s first noble truth: Life sucks. (So, why complain and crib?)

Be kind.

Be caring.

Can you change your past? No. Let go of everything.

Laughter is the best medicine.

(Sleep is also very good.) 🙂

What is there to be afraid of? Nothing.

Don’t think too much. Live like a child.

(Too much analysis leads to paralysis. 🙂  (ISKCON) )

Get perspective.

Why do we grieve? Is it because of something that happened to us? No, it is because of our attitude towards what happened.

If someone calls you a dog, and you think about the incident three more times, you have allowed that person to call you a dog three more times. (Ajahn Brahm)

Death is a part of life. Why grieve about death? 🙂


One Response to Thoughts

  1. tsk says:

    Brevity is essence of life. so are the profound thoughts in brief. Good luck

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