Freedom from fear

Lost in the winding paths
He wandered around
The guiding moonlight had
provided constant direction.

O Where was that cool gaze now?
The moon devoured by the clouds;
In the utter darkness- fear
seized him by his neck.

Pray, the ascetic did.
O Lord! Thou art everything
In everything; beyond everything

O Supreme ascetic! You are the Creator;
Creation, and the Created;
With a mind enveloped in fear
I pray,
Create in me a freedom from fear!

O Omniscient One! You are Knowledge;
You are what is to be known; the Knower indeed are you.
Without knowledge, and deluded by ignorance
I pray,
Enlighten me with freedom from fear!

O Ancient One! You are the Sun;
The stars, and the moon are you.
Directionless, and without a guiding light
I pray,
Spark in me a freedom from fear!

O Eternal One! You are the Destroyer;
The Terrible One indeed are you,
O Slayer of Demons, I see your garland of skulls.
Distraught by the sprouting seed of cowardice
I pray,
Destroy from within me the ghost of fear!

The night had passed,
Awakened by the rays of the morning sun
The young ascetic, calm in his mind, saw
He had indeed been guided to his destination.


One Response to Freedom from fear

  1. tsk says:

    Dear Ramesh,
    Your well written poem reminded me about the predicament which Sri Ramanuja Acharya faced and the miraculous help from Lord Varada of Kanchi
    which he had received. It is true that limited faculty of intelligence, intutiuion, foresight of mortal is so insignificant in the light of unending vast sphere and occean of grace and splendour of the Creator. But the sanguine hope and unswearving trust is the strength of the person.


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