The Way

I walk along.

The destination is ahead
Sun brightly on the face
The hand guides me
I walk along.

Burning the ashes
Melting the rocks
Stumbling along
I rise and,
I walk along.

The coolness.
I watch the horizon
The path dissolves
Enveloped by darkness
I fall.

The cold.
The cloud covers
I drag myself.

The night.
Enveloped in darkness
I rise and,
I run.

The light dims.
The flicker dies.
I rise from the ashes.
The dawn.
The path non-existent
I awaken and,
I walk along.


One Response to The Way

  1. tsk says:

    Dear Ramesh,

    the poem is written so cryptic. the reading gives the feeling of fletting life which is truly the characteristic of everyone’s life.


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