हम करें राष्ट्र आराधना

“राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ” का यह अन्मोल गीत प्रत्येक भारतीय के लिए ज्ञातव्य हॅ ।

हम करें राष्ट्र आराधना
तन से मन से धन से
तन मन धन जीवन से
हम करें राष्ट्र आराधना ।  ……………………१

अन्तर से मुख से कृित से
निश्र्चल हो निर्मल मति से
श्रद्धा से मस्तक नत से
हम करें राष्ट्र अभिवादन।…………………….२

अपने हॅसते शैशव से
अपने खिलते यौवन से
प्रौढता पूर्ण जीवन से
हम करें राष्ट्र का अर्चन । ……………………..३

अपने अतीत को पढकर
अपना इतिहास उलटकर
अपना भवितव्य समझकर
हम करें राष्ट्र का चिंतन।………………………४

याद हमें युग युग की जलती अनेक घटनायें
जो माँ के सेवा पथ पर आई बनकर विपदायें
हमने अभिषेक किया था जननी का अरिशोणित से
हमने शृंगार किया था माता का अरिमुंडों से

हमने ही उसे दिया था सांस्कृतिक उच्च सिंहासन
माँ जिस पर बैठी सुख से करती थी जग का शासन
अब काल चक्र की गति से वह टूट गया सिंहासन
अपना तन मन धन देकर हम करें पुन: संस्थापन। ……………………५

This song of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh is worthy of being accorded the highest respect, by virtue of its attempt to arouse the feeling of patriotism dormant in the hearts of every true Indian.

The song conveys the following message.

1. Let us worship our nation. Let us do so with our body, our mind, and our wealth.

Our motherland is worthy of our worship and utmost veneration. How do we worship India with our body? Through activities such as visiting rural areas and working for the uplift of those suffering in penury. How do we worship India with our mind? By placing her as the object of our devotion, and not letting our selfish interests hinder in any way our service to her. How do we worship India with our wealth? By utilizing our wealth towards the fulfillment of nationalistic activities.

2. Through our internal feelings, our face, our actions; through our steady and pure minds; through our devotion and bowed head, let us salute our nation.

A mother is eternally worshipful, and not merely in a superficial and whimsical manner. For the proper development of patriotism and proper discharge of duties befitting the stature of a patriot, a weak, unstable mind or one bereft of genuine devotion is as ineffectual as a hole-ridden pot is when it comes to bearing water in it.

3. Through our joyous infancy; through our blossoming youth; through our lives of maturity and understanding, let us worship our nation.

A proper inculcation of worthy samskaras is possible through proper guidance at a young age, when the mind is free from pre-conceived notions, and is a suitable recipient for imparting high-minded ideals. A life spent in continual remembrance of the spirit of worshipful devotion to our motherland is indeed a worthy one.

4. By studying our past; by changing our history; by understanding our rightful future, let us meditate on our nation.

It is a matter of unspeakable shame that most educated Indians have little clue as to the true nature of the unrivaled glory enjoyed by our nation for thousands of years. People who denigrate their motherland without a proper knowledge and understanding of her past, and show no inclination to rectify either their lack of knowledge or their despicable notions are beneath contempt. How do you expect to develop devotion towards India if you are unaware of your own heritage?

The highly unfortunate sagas of Muslim and British political rule for almost a millennium has taken a heavy toll on the cultural supremacy of India. The all-consuming fire whose flame refuses to be doused until the motherland returns to her pristine glory burns in the heart of a patriot. How can a son sleep when his mother has been physically mutilated and divided into two parts? The notion of a “brotherly division” of India, to describe the egregious act of partition, reflects a shocking lack of sensibility. To a patriot, the nation is his mother, and an act of dividing the mother into two parts, is unthinkable in any society that can be deemed fit to be called human. The ill-effects of the recent historical events are all-too-evident in the modern-day Indian society. A patriot strives to rectify these wrongs.

A nation that has been a guiding light to those seeking direction needs to return to that position.

5. We remember the the heart-burning events of the past, which proved to be obstacles in the path of service to our mother. We cleansed our mother with the blood of her enemies. We decorated our mother with the skulls of her enemies. We gave our mother the cultural throne positioned happily on which she governed the world. Now, due to the passage of time, that throne is broken. Through our body, our mind and our wealth, let us re-instate her back on the cultural throne.

The poet minces no words in this stanza. A patriot remembers clearly the transgressions committed against his motherland. In the past, the patriots were ruthless in their response to those bent upon committing acts of sacrilege against India. We did not cleanse our motherland with water or milk, but with the blood of the enemies. We did not decorate her with jewels, but with the skulls of her enemies. What does the poet intend to convey through this? This is a stirring call to the imbecile, timid, and sorrowfully inept rulers, as also to the indifferent masses, to imbibe a spirit of supreme valour and perspicacity, which is, most certainly. the need of the hour.


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