Why are we sleeping??

It is a matter of indubitable shame and sorrow that the inheritors of an ineffable culture have taken to a self-destructing path of mental, social and physical slavery. Devoted to the satisfaction of selfish motives, a nation, that has produced heroes of supreme valour since time immemorial, has witnessed a cataclysmic fall from grace.

A people who could stand up and rise to the stature of world-teacher, have become a helpless and imbecile collection of individuals utterly incapable of discerning the fundamental distinction between truth and untruth, friend and foe, honour and dishonour, threat and security. A nation that illumined the paths of societies and individuals in want of guidance, is seemingly bereft of a sense of direction with respect to following a path that would be commensurate with its inherent national character.

The forgetfulness is so complete that people who are rightfully the descendants of a most accomplished class of men, are impervious to the inculcation of traditional values of valour, sacrifice and righteousness, relegating them to the status of fanciful notions. Persons, who due to the monumental misfortune of our nation, have been assigned offices of responsibility, are displaying an astonishing lack of character, which unfortunately is not inexplicable, since this is just a rightful continuation and culmination of the seeds of selfishness and ignorance that have germinated and flourished for a considerable period of time in our national life.

The population on whose shoulders is rightfully the duty and responsibility of preserving and propagating the values that have guided our motherland for millennia are shockingly asleep in a deep and momentous slumber of either self-pity or selfishness or utter callousness.

This is the very same land that produced a Chanakya and a Chandragupta who strove with single-minded determination to re-unite our motherland, and re-ignite the minds of the innocent ignorant citizens with high-minded tales of devotion and sacrifice for the sake of a united and strong Bharat. The fitting reply meted out to the Greek invaders 2300 years ago was a tale of victory earned through the strategic brilliance and selfless sacrifice of thousands of our forefathers, a majority of whom drew inspiration from a person who had the courage, vision and ability to convert a righteous vision into reality. Chanakya was a patriot par excellence, and it would be a life-changing accomplishment for most present-day Indians to ingrain even a minuscule fraction of the patriotism that guided him.

The question is clear. So is the solution. But, a society that has thrived on dissemination of false information, and misrepresentation of morally upright persons and organizations, is oblivious of both. The time has come for every son of the soil to reiterate his true identity and his true objects of devotion. The path may be long. The path may be arduous. The patriot would have to face the opposition of thousands of adharmic and anti-national forces whose birth, growth and survival is intrinsically dependent on the rotting political situation.

The patriot has to answer questions for himself. If the persons in charge of governing the nation are tainted, if the persons in charge of governing the nation are inept, then does the patriot sit in self-pity and resignation? If the persons in power are responsible in any way for the present state of sorrowful decadence, then is it not the responsibility of the patriot to fiercely oppose all such corrupt forces under whose influence the motherland suffers?Is it not the responsibility of the patriot to strategically align himself so that such traitors are ousted from each and every position of power? Is it not the responsibility of the patriot to strengthen the arms of other patriotic forces winding their way towards the cherished goal of strengthening the motherland?

Still, the son sleeps while the mother weeps in silence. This shameful slumber is a taint on the forehead of any individual who is remotely aware of his duties. What is the reason for either the indifference to the plight of India or willful participation in destabilizing India, which is what is being committed by millions of our co-citizens, by their act of not actively striving to eliminate the root causes of disintegration of the nation, the national life and the national character.

The symptoms of a complete lack of patriotism are many, the enumeration of which will not be done here. It is my considered opinion that a careful introspection by each individual would lead to a realization of  the widespread malaise affecting our Indian society – lack of patriotism.

Either the path can be shown, or explicit directions can be given for every single turn along the path. Both these efforts are worthy of praise. It is the duty of the patriot to seek either the path or a guiding light. It does not behoove of sons to eschew duty when the mother is in distress.

Utthishtta Bhaarata!

3 Responses to Why are we sleeping??

  1. Srividya KR says:

    Excellent ending to an excellent post!

  2. Suresh says:

    Pure thoughts…

  3. Arvind says:

    The first and most important thing is 50 percent of the hindus in Bharatvarsha and rest of the world are not aware of this distortions in Indian history by colonial rulers and later Congress rulers after the so called independence,since this distorted history is taught to them when they are in school.When they grow up, the systematic web of false theories such as Aryan invasion (backed by false carbon dating evidences of archeology such as Mehrgarh, Mohenjodero and harappa ) have already convinced them to believe (not fully,but to a lot of extent) that whatever they have been taught may be true.Whereas the real history such as “history of Suryavanshi (solar dynasty) and Chandravanshi dynasty” (7000 BC) ,ramayana (4250 BC),mahabharata(3138 BC) ,Gautam buddha 1894 BC and so on is never known to them since who will teach them when roots of education system itself are wrong.

    The first job of hindus like us is to make their hindu friends ,relatives and other contacts (only hindus) to spread an awareness amongst themselves about the entire truth,so they would know what is going on.Then the rest can be sorted out in political arena.

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