Purpose in life – 2

[Here is the first post in the topic.]

Lead a life which is of service to others. Living only for the sake of one’s own self is extreme selfishness.

There are many in need of help, encouragement, protection, comforting words. Be a beacon of light in the lives of those looking for such inspiration.

A drowning man cannot save a friend from drowning. So, elevate yourself through sacrifice and practice to a position from where you can be of better service to others.

Acquire knowledge which elevates. Through continuous acquisition of proper knowledge one can soon reach a stage from where one’s presence itself is a benediction to others. Knowledge that enables us to elevate our lives is proper knowledge.

(It is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam: A saintly sage is happy and pleasing in his external behavior, whereas internally he is most grave and thoughtful. Because his knowledge is immeasurable and unlimited he is never disturbed, and thus in all respects he is like the tranquil waters of the unfathomable and unsurpassable ocean.)

So, acquire knowledge. The urgency and the importance of acquisition of proper knowledge cannot be overstated.

Strive to acquire the qualities of saintly persons as mentioned in the scriptures. Acquire knowledge of the Self and God.

Utilize opportunities where you can uplift the lives of others. Your life will be blessed.


One Response to Purpose in life – 2

  1. Kannan says:

    Dear Ramesh,

    Like a Sculptor chisels and gives a nearly reallife feel to it through his delicate skill , hard labour and above all with a sense of devotion to dedicate his work to public , the genius and gentle quality of compassion in you is bringing forth such inspiring articles.

    The writing is full of vigour and vitaliy and gently awakens the tiring giant to arise , awake and act to equip oneself and employ it for betterment of others.

    Keep it up. Best wishes

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