Qualities of saintly persons – 7

Here are six more of the 26 qualities of the divine nature that Lord Krishna mentions to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

[These 26 qualities are mentioned in the first 3 verses of Chapter 16.]

21. Radiance/lustre (this is an illustrious proof of the efficacy of spiritual practice); Vigor/strength to aid those in need to protection and help.

22. Forgiveness (Do not harbor feelings of vengeance against those by whom you are wronged. Do not get angry at those who offend you.)

23. Fortitude (Defending/upholding righteousness and steadying the mind, even when you are under great duress.)

24. Cleanliness/Purity (Both internal and external cleanliness to be spiritually worthy. Purity not only in the mind and body, but also in one’s dealings.)

25. Absence of envy (Become free from all feelings of envy towards others.)

26. Lack of desire for honor or prestige/ Absence of false ego.

These are the 26 divine qualities that Lord Krishna mentions. Let us strive to inculcate these in our lives.

Here are the 3 verses in Samskritam [Chapter 16, verses 1,2,3]:


Here is the transliteration:

śrībhagavān uvāca
abhayaḿ sattva-saḿśuddhir
dānaḿ damaś ca yajñaś ca
svādhyāyas tapa ārjavam
ahiḿsā satyam akrodhas
tyāgah śāntir apaiśunam
dayā bhūteshv aloluptvaḿ
mārdavaḿ hrīr acāpalam
tejakshamā dhrtiśaucam
adroho nātimānitā
bhavanti sampadaḿ daivīm
abhijātasya bhārata

[This was taken from here, and other sites.]


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