Qualities of saintly persons – 6

om sri gurave namah

Here are five more divine qualities that Lord Krishna mentions to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Let us strive to inculcate these qualities in our lives.

[The Supreme Person, Krishna mentions 26 qualities in all in the first 3 verses of Chapter 16.]

16. Mercy/Compassion towards all living entities: (We should feel compassion towards all beings, especially if they are in distress. Strive to alleviate their misery.)

17. Absence of greed/ Non-covetousness: Do not have greed for sense gratification; be satisfied with what is allotted to you in life.

18. Gentleness/Humility: Such behavior is appropriate for saintly association. Strive to be free from cruelty and harshness.

19. Modesty: Shyness in decorum, and hesitancy even in the thought of wrong-doing.

20. Determination/ Absence of fickleness: This is needed to keep trying even in the face of perceived failure; Determination to remain firm against temptations presented to one; Avoidance of frivolous activities.

Here is the verse from Srimad Bhagavad Gita [Chapter 16, verse 2].


Here is the transliteration:

ahiḿsā satyam akrodhas
tyāgah śāntir apaiśunam
dayā bhūteshv aloluptvaḿ
mārdavaḿ hrīr acāpalam

[Material for the above was taken from here, and other sites. All mistakes in the above presentation are mine.]


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