Qualities of saintly persons – 5

Five more of the 26 qualities that Lord Krishna tells Arjuna about saintly persons in Srimad Bhagavad Gita [Chap 16, verses 1-3]

11. Truthfulness

12. Freedom from anger

13. Renunciation (renounce anything that is opposed to realization of the self)

14. Peacefulness/Calmness (do not let the mind get agitated).

15. Aversion to fault-finding (fault-finding in others is a quality that many of us are afflicted with)


Here is the corresponding verse in Samskritam [Chapter 16, verse 2].




ahiḿsā satyam akrodhas
tyāgah śāntir apaiśunam
dayā bhūteshv aloluptvaḿ
mārdavaḿ hrīr acāpalam


[The material for the above was taken from here, and other sites.]


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