Qualities of saintly persons – 4

Here are five more saintly qualities mentioned by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

(Twenty six such qualities are mentioned in the first 3 verses of Chapter 16.)

6. Performance of sacrifice

7. Study of Vedic scriptures

8. Austerity

9. Simplicity

10. Non violence


Here are the first two verses in Samskritam:




śrībhagavān uvāca
abhayaḿ sattva-saḿśuddhir
dānaḿ damaś ca yajñaś ca
svādhyāyas tapa ārjavam
ahiḿsā satyam akrodhas
tyāgah śāntir apaiśunam
dayā bhūteshv aloluptvaḿ
mārdavaḿ hrīr acāpalam


(The above was taken from sites on the Internet.)


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