Duty towards Bharat – 1

The first point to be borne in mind by our brothers and sisters living abroad is to keep alive their day-to-day behaviour a spirit of intense national self-respect. And for this, a keen awareness of the glorious heritage that our forbears have left for us should ever be present in our minds.

There is even now living evidence of the glory that Bharat was in ancient times.

What the World Expects

Right from Mexico in South America to the tiny islands in the Far Eastern Pacific, our Hindu missionaries had traveled far and wide and carried with them the fragrance of our ancient wisdom. Everywhere, they made a gift of the fruits of their achievements in medicine, mathematics, science, arts and culture. But more than anything else, it was the abiding spiritual values which they preached and practised that has left the deepest impression on the human mind all over.

When Siam became independent and their parliament was to meet in the hall, they all unanimously decided to place the statue of Manu as the presiding deity. The inscription in Siamese reads: “Bhagwan Manu, the first and the greatest lawgiver of mankind.” Indonesia is another country where the local Muslims are infused with the Hindu traditions. Their names, their songs, their drama, their national symbols – all carry the imprint of our epics like Ramayana.

True Ambassadors

It should be kept in mind that whenever a person goes out, he will go out as a representative of the country, the national culture and values of life – which have given birth to him. The world assesses the values and greatness of that country and its people on the touchstone of HIS behaviour. This is all the more true in the case of a great and ancient nation such as ours. If our conduct is not in keeping with the high cultural standards and becomes but a pale reflection of those lands themselves, the image of our country too will go down in their eyes. The respect and esteem that our country suffers will do incalculable harm both to our countrymen residing there and also to our country. It is only when their conduct is imbued with the right spirit of our dharma and samskriti that they can stand up as ideal Hindus and would be able to present an inspiring image of our nation and also receive a similar response from those people.

To Impart Samskars

It is necessary, therefore, that our Hindu brethren there, who have imbibed the right samskars here, should meet regularly with a view to rekindling among all our people there the spirit of national pride, the awareness of our all-round achievements in the past and our mission while abroad.

The children should be taught to recite the same with due devotion and earnestness. And wherever there are our temples the Hindus should cultivate the habit of congregating on certain holy occasions and conduct programmes like satsangs and havans.

Keeping close contact with the learned men and spiritual teachers who visit those countries from time to time and arranging suitable programmes would be of great help in furthering the above-mentioned objective.

(This is taken from Sri M.S. Golwalkar’s book, Bunch of Thoughts (here). )


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