The Wonder that is Sanskrit – 4

Here are two verses, each of which when reversed creates a new verse. This passage is from the amazing book, “The Wonder that is Sanskrit”. See also the previous three posts from the same book.










4 Responses to The Wonder that is Sanskrit – 4

  1. slaniaburke says:

    Why People like poetry? But your poem is really beautiful and wonderful poetry. I am also like poems. If you have any collection of good poems then you can send me. Thanks

    • tkramesh says:

      Hi, Thanks for your nice opinion on these poems.

      I don’t think I know why people like poetry. Probably, it might be like math- people admire it for its beauty. Of course, I know that not everyone feels that way about math or poetry. 🙂

      One more thing: You wrote: “… your poem is really beautiful … “. If you meant that I wrote this poem, then just to clarify: I didn’t write any of these Sanskrit verses. These were all written by masterful Sanskrit poets. 🙂

      I shall send you an excerpt from the book, “The Wonder that is Sanskrit” – a chapter called, “Interesting and Amazing creations in Sanskrit”, on the gmail address you provided with the comment. You might like that.

  2. Sharadh says:

    Hi da

    The articles titled ‘The wonder that is Sanskrit” were really wonderful.

    You said in a previous comment that you have an excerpt from the book. Can you send that to me also? Thanks a lot.

  3. tkramesh says:

    Hey da,

    Of course. Even I found them really wonderful.

    I sent the pdf to you on email. Its really good! 🙂

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