Purpose in Life

Every life has to have a purpose. One beautiful feature of leading a purposeful life is the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that will fill your life. You will discover yourself to be stronger, more capable, and a much better person than you ever imagined yourself to be.

One simple method of obtaining happiness is to be actively involved in giving happiness to others. The more happiness you bring to others, the greater the sense of fulfillment you bring to your own life.

(Sri Ramanuja was given a sacred secret mantra by his Guru after a lot of effort on the part of Ramanuja. This mantra was the mantra that could lead a person to moksha or liberation. Ramanuja was told by his Guru not to disclose the mantra to anybody, and warned that any such action on his part would certainly land him in hell. Ramanuja immediately went to the temple top, and called out loud to all people that he had obtained a priceless jewel which he wanted to give to them. He then recited the mantra for all  those assembled there. This action on Ramanuja’s part greatly enraged his Guru. On seeing his Guru’s outrage at his transgression despite the warning, Ramanuja calmly replied: “By knowing this mantra, so many people are now liberated. If an insignificant mortal such as myself has to go to hell in return for the liberation of so many people, then I am ready to joyfully accept that.” On hearing this, his Guru was filled with reverence for the infinite compassion that Ramanuja had for everyone, and understood that Ramanuja was a much greater person than himself.)

(Sri Ramanuja (1017 – 1137 A.D.) is the most important saint-philosopher in Sri Vaishnavism.)

Once you start solving problems for others, the seemingly difficult problems in your own life begin to seem trivial and inconsequential.

Always be willing to help one who is in need of help. You will never be without help when you need it.

Give selflessly, and with purity. Your heart will be purified through such actions. You will receive miraculous gifts when you least expect them.

There are many who can be benefitted by your help. The blessings that will accrue through such an action on your part will indeed prove to be a great antidote to all negativity, and will be a harbinger of peace. The persons who are today helped by you, would tomorrow become healers themselves and serve a great many people.

There are many qualities that will be gained through such endeavor: one is a sense of perspective (you will see your problems in perspective, and realize their insignificance), another is fearlessness (by helping others, you will overcome your own limiting fears.)

Fearlessness is a quality of prime importance. You are the Children of Immortal Bliss. Stand tall in the face of all fears, and they will disappear.

There is no problem that you face that does not have a solution. There has never been such a problem, and there never will be.

Wake up each day with a sense of bringing great happiness to the world. Act like the sunshine that brightens people’s faces and gladdens their hearts.

May the mercy of God act through these words to enable them to transform your lives.


2 Responses to Purpose in Life

  1. berkay says:

    i added your blog to my bookmarks.

    the best point i like here is

    “One simple method of obtaining happiness is to be actively involved in giving happiness to others. The more happiness you bring to others, the greater the sense of fulfillment you bring to your own life.”

    Thanks for sharing

    • tkramesh says:

      Thanks so much for your generous comment! 🙂 (You are spreading happiness already 🙂

      Yes, the more happiness you spread, the more self-satisfaction and happiness you yourself get.

      There are some really nice books like: Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and others. I liked them a lot. You might also like them!

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