Story from Sri Ramanuja’s life

Ramanuja used to go round the streets for his Biksha.  An evil-minded fellow  had mixed poison in the biksha.  His wife while serving the biksha fell at  Ramanuja’s feet with tears in her eyes.  Ramanuja understood that there was  something wrong.  When the Sishyas sorted out the biksha for cooking, they found  out that poison was mixed with it.  Ramanuja went on a fast with a view to  cleanse the mind of the evil-doer.  On hearing this, Tirukkoshtiyur Nambi rushed  all the way to Srirangam.  When Ramanuja heard of the coming of his Guru, he  rushed to the banks of River Kaveri to receive him.  It was the height of  summer.  Ramanuja ran towards him in the hot Sun to receive him and fell at his  feet on the burning sands on the banks of river Kaveri.  Such was his Acharya Bhakti.  Nambi did not ask him  to get up. At that time , Kidambi Aachaan, who  was nearby told Nambi ” Your action (in not asking Ramanuja to get up) is worse  than the poison mixed in the biksha”.  Such was the Acharya bhakti of Ramanuja’s  Sishya !(Like master, like pupil !).  Tirukkoshtiyur Nambi exclaimed, ” After  all, now I can cast off my physical body since I have found one who would take  the greatest care of Ramanuja.”

Sri Ramanuja (1017 – 1137 CE) is the most important philosopher-saint of Sri Vaishnavam and one of the most dynamic characters of Hinduism. He was a philosopher as well as a social reformer, displaying a catholicity that was nearly unparalleled in Hindu religious history before him. He revitalised Indian philosophy and popular religion so much that nearly every aspect of Hinduism has been influenced by his work. His life and works show a truly unique personality, combining contemplative insight, logical acumen, catholicity, charismatic energy, and selfless dedication to God.

(The above was taken from here.)


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