On Personal Mastery

Two beautiful words: personal mastery. They have an inspirational vibe to them. They offer hope. They challenge. They provoke. They affirm – and remind us of our highest possibilities.

To be given the gift of life is to be given an awesome responsibility. Each of us must go out into the world each day and live our best. Yes, life doesn’t always seem fair. We’ll encounter difficult customers and low-performing suppliers and angry commuters. We’ll face hard and confusing times. We’ll feel alone, or like giving up on standing for our highest and best. That’s just life happening. But, at the same time, life offers you daily opportunities to shine. To polish your gifts. To release your chains. To achieve personal mastery.

Make a commitment today that will alter the course of your life. Forever. Dedicate yourself to personal mastery. Think about your thinking. Detect your authentic values and what you aim to stand for. (How can you be who you are if you don’t know who you are?) Get to know your fears. Reflect on your personal genius and human potential. Learn to let go of the emotional baggage from your past. Refuse to tolerate negativity. (Kahlil Gibran once wrote that: “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” Every one of us has so many more choices than we currently see, and as we dare, doors we didn;t even know existed begin to open up.) Read more. Learn more. Get fit – no, get ultra fit. Become remarkable at what you do for work. Become so good at your craft that your organization cannot run without you. Become the friendliest person you know. Work on compassion and understanding. Be nice. Be good.

Note: This above passage has been taken from the lesson titled “On Personal Mastery” from Robin Sharma‘s beautifully inspiring book, “The Greatness Guide 2”.


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear. – Mark Twain


People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success. – Norman Vincent Peale


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