Our Motherland


This is our sacred land, Bharat, a land whose glories are sung by the gods-

गायन्ति देवाः किल गीतकानि धन्यास्तु ये भारतभूमिभागे ।

स्वर्गापवर्गास्पदहेतुभूते भवन्ति भूयः पुरुषाः सुरत्वात् ।।

(The men born in the land of Bharat, the gateway to heavens and salvation, are more blessed than the gods themselves-so sing the gods.)

-a land visualised by Mahayogi Aurobindo as the living manifestation of the Divine Mother of the universe, the Jaganmata, the Adishakti, the Mahamaya and the Mahadurga, Who has assumed concrete form to enable us to see Her and worship Her,

-a land eulogised by our philosopher-poet Rabindranath Tagore as:

देवि भुवनमनमोहिनी…


(The enchanting Goddess of the world………….. Her feet washed by the blue waters of the oceans),

-a land saluted by the inspired poet of freedom, Bankim Chandra, in his immortal song Vande Mataram, which spurred thousands of young hearts to cheerfully ascend the gallows in the cause of her liberty, as

त्वं हि दुर्गा दशप्रहरणधारिणीम्

(Thou art the Great Destroyer armed with ten weapons),

-a land worshipped by all our seers and sages as Matrubhoomi, Dharmabhoomi, Karmabhoomi and punyabhoomi, a veritable Devabhoomi and Mokshabhoomi,

-a land which has been to us since hoary times the beloved and sacred Bharat Mata whose very name floods our hearts with waves of pure and sublime devotion to her,

-well, this is the mother of us all, our glorious motherland.

Note: The above paragraphs are excerpts from a chapter titled “Our Motherland” in Sri M. S. Golwalkar’s book, Bunch of Thoughts.


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