For True National Glory – 4

In the Chapter titled “For True National Glory” from Sri M. S. Golwalkar’s book,Bunch of Thoughts, he outlines the qualities required in us individuals in order to strengthen the organized life of people.

Three such qualities have been covered  ( Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3). This one presents another such quality.


Suppose we have a strong body, purity of character, a keen intellect, but no fortitude, what is the use? All the time, circumstances are not going to favour us. We shall have to face obstacles and adversities. Fearlessness is the first virtue of a hero, the starting point of all other noble virtues. Even in the Gita, the enumeration of the various godly qualities starts with abhayam (fearlessness). Our founder, Dr. Hedgewar, used to say that the work of national consolidation should proceed in such a way that it neither frightens anybody nor will be afraid of anybody:

ना भय देत काहूको ना भय जानत आप ।

All our ideal heroes have been the embodiment of fearlessness and fortitude. A large army headed by Khara and Dushana came to attack Rama. Dust was seen clouding the sky. Seeing the enemy approaching, Rama said to Lakshmana, “Sita is not accustomed to all these things. You stay here protecting her. I will finish these fellows and come back.” So saying, he went alone with the bow in his hand. Sita trembled to see him going alone. Then Lakshmana said, “What of this fourteen thousand, he is capable of destroying the entire army of Ravana single-handed. Be at ease.” After annihilating the rakshasas, Rama came back as though nothing had happened – cool, quiet and unruffled as ever.

The spirit of heroism is necessary even to worship God. A coward cannot do it. In jnaneswari, it is said that when a person sits to meditate upon God he will see terrible forms, and if he is a chicken-hearted fellow, he will be simply undone. Nothing can be achieved by cowards, either in this world or the other. If we are on the right path, there is no reason to be afraid of anything.

One of our workers died some years ago. I met him a week before he died. He told me, ” No treatment seems to have had any effect upon me. I have no hopes of recovery. I feel I am dying soon.” I said to him, “You have served a great ideals selflessly and untiringly. You have done no harm to anyone and have always been doing good to all. Why then should you be afraid of death? Rejoice and meet death peacefully!” And he did face death with peace and tranquility. Such a spirit of fearlessness born out of the conviction that we are doing good, that we are on the right path, will take us a long way in achieving our ideal.

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