For True National Glory – 3

In the Chapter titled “For True National Glory” from Sri M. S. Golwalkar’s book,Bunch of Thoughts, he outlines the qualities required in us individuals in order to strengthen the organized life of people.

Two qualities were covered ( in this post and this post). Here is the third one.

Robust Common Sense for Success

Now, suppose we have a strong body and a pure and devoted heart. But, how to use the body and the mind? For that, we require intellectual acumen capable of grasping the realities and intricacies of the situation and deciding one’s right conduct. We should therefore develop power of concentration, sharpen our intellect and acquire the power to pitch upon the right action at the right moment. And we should also be prompt and dynamic in acting up to decisions.

Without such practical wisdom, all our goodness and strength will be of no avail. Many a page of disaster in our past history was a result of the want of robust common sense. Let us not forget that the path of national reorganisation is not a bed of roses. And without sagacity, mere sincerity will not avail us when faced with knaves and crooks. One need not be an ‘intellectual’ to achieve skill and wisdom in the practical world. Even persons in the common strata of society can cultivate such wisdom. There is the example of one of our workers, an ordinary unlettered farmer in a village, who could guide and control ten to fifteen surrounding villages even during critical situations. He could also give proper guidance to the village elders in all walks of life. Each one of us should rouse within ourselves the conviction that ‘I am born with living seeds of wisdom, which, if properly nurtured, shall surely take me to success’ and strive to live accordingly.


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