For True National Glory – 1

In the Chapter titled “For True National Glory” from Sri M. S. Golwalkar’s book, Bunch of Thoughts, he outlines the qualities required in us individuals in order to strengthen the organized life of people.

Here are his thoughts on one such quality:

Strength is Life, Weakness is Death

The first thing is invincible physical strength. We have to be so strong that none in the whole world will be able to overawe and subdue us. For that, we require strong and healthy bodies. All our Incarnations who came in the human form have been such. The essence of our scriptural message has been ‘strength is life, weakness is death’. Swami Vivekananda used to say, “I want men with muscles of iron and nerves of steel”. He himself was like that. Finding that some co-disciples were always sitting down and shedding tears, he would thunder, “That is not bhakti. That is nervous weakness. Don’t sit down and weep like little girls”.

What do we see today when we look at ourselves in a mirror? Do we find any sign of manliness and strength? Don’t say, “What is there after all in a body?” Our shastras say

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।

(Body is the primary instrument for fulfilling our duties in life) Without an able body, we cannot achieve anything. Even to see God, a healthy and strong body is required. God is not for the weak:

नायनात्मा बलहीनेन लभ्यः ।

When we sit to meditate upon God, if our head begins to reel, our back begins to ache and we begin to quail and shiver in our own seat, then the result is no God, but only fever! The present-day fashion of our young men of decorating the skin and and discarding the sinews must be given up and they should, with proper exercises and healthy habits, develop strong bodies capable of resisting heat and cold, hunger and exertion and of undergoing all the hardships of life with good cheer.


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