For True National Glory – 5

In the Chapter titled “For True National Glory” from Sri M. S. Golwalkar’s book,Bunch of Thoughts, he outlines the qualities required in us individuals in order to strengthen the organized life of people.

Four qualities have been covered earlier (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 and Post 4). Here is the fifth and last quality.

First Loyalty – to Ideal

That is not all. We need an urge to develop in ourselves all these qualities. Intense devotion to the ideal that we have placed before us, will give us the necessary urge to equip ourselves with all the great qualities required for achieving the glory of our nation.

Duty to Country First

There may be occasions when conflicts arise in our mind while fixing priorities among our several duties. Then we will have to discriminate, take a detached view and respond to the supreme call of the ideal that we have chosen for our life. The martyrdom of Tanaji Malasure is a shining example in this regard. When Shivaji sent word to him and assigned him the challenging task of winning the formidable Kondana fort (later called Sinhagad), Tanaji was busy making preparations for his son’s marriage. But at the word of Shivaji, Tanaji gave up the thought of the marriage saying, “My son’s marriage may well wait for some time; I will first carry out the command of my king. My first duty is towards the Swaraj”. Without a moment’s hesitation Tanaji proceeded to conquer Kondana. The heroic attempt was crowned with success, but it claimed as its price the life of Tanaji himself.

It is when we bend all our energies towards this fundamental process – the great process of man-making – that our ancient and sacred nation can once again attain its original position of greatness and glory, shedding peace and plenty, culture and character all-round.


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