Vocabulary watch

Some nice words:

1. larceny:  theft

2. conundrum: puzzle; paradoxical riddle

3. epiphany: an illuminating realization or discovery.

4. eponym: name of a person after which something is named (something = literary work, place, film etc)

5. termagant: bad-tempered woman

6. cadaverous: dead-like

7. comatose: lethargic, unconscious

8. juggernaut: a massive force that crushes everything in its path

9. cantankerous: quarrelsome

10. fusillade: rapid firing of firearms

11. celerity: speed

12. proclivity: propensity; tendency

13. serendipity: discovering something by luck

14. propensity: proclivity; tendency

15. peregrination: travel especially by foot


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